Arduino Security is an information security company offering a broad range of security services for companies and government agencies.

Arduino Software was founded by Germán S. Arduino, who have more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry in different platforms and responsability positions in big companies.

Germán owns a security degree on information security from Universidad Austral and is a certified ethical hacker from eLearnSecurity.

Furthermore, he is the developer of the well know password manager PasswordsPro, present in the market from 2006 and with users in lot of countries around the world.

Germán is also a collaborator of the TV show Clix, in CNN en Español.

Think about it: if you were running a multi-million dollar company, and your database of customer information was stolen, would you want to tell your clients? No. Most companies did not until the laws required them to. It's in the best interest of organisations - when they're attacked and information is stolen - to tell nobody.

Kevin Mitnick